Five Ways Good Design Can Help You Doze by Interior Design Alchemy

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Last month, I traversed Italy, sleeping in a dozen different hotels. During one particular stay, I couldn’t help but notice artwork that featured leaves alongside a creamy brown headboard. While the design was modern, it definitely had a natural feel because of the design elements. The design was no accident. Nature has a calming effect on both the mind and body and smart hotel managers know that. You can and should use natural design for a similar relaxing effect in your bedroom.


Probably one of the most obvious yet most overlooked elements to add to a bedroom are houseplants. Not only do they bring the colors, textures, and scents of nature into your bedroom, but they also clean the air.

NASA conducted a study and put out a long list of houseplants that remove biotoxins like formaldehyde and benzene from indoor air. Fresh air can improve the depth and quality of your sleep. Plants like English ivy, peace lily, mother-in-law’s tongue, and the bamboo palm all made the list. To find the right plant for you, look for plants that are easy to care for in your climate. Some plants naturally humidified the air while others require very little watering. Look for a balance between aesthetics and ease of care to meet your lifestyle needs.


Artwork depicting natural elements like leaves, trees, mountains, and landscapes can have as much of an effect on your psyche as actual plants. While you won’t get the scents of nature, you can still see the texture and enjoy the natural colors in your bedroom. Work from local artists will often complement your interior the best because they usually depict local plants and scenes.


Texture brings depth to a space. Wood is the most obvious choice. Nightstands, dressers, and accents with natural or weathered finishes that allow you to see and feel the texture work well. But, there are a few other options that might work better for you. Stone and brick also have a natural look and feel you normally find in the outdoors. Again, by looking for local sources, you can support your community and find pieces that fit the design and architecture of your home.


Your bed, which has the most to do with your nightly comfort, can also be a place include natural elements. You want to make sure you have a good foundation first. That means a mattress that supports your weight and preferred sleep style. After that, bedding in natural fibers like cotton and linen can bring you back to your roots. While linen works best in the summer, cotton can be used year-round, depending on the weave of the fabric.


Nothing feels more natural than sunlight streaming in your windows. A beautifully well-lit bedroom can make you feel at home. However, for the best sleep, you’ll need to manage your light right. Light pollution coming in your windows at night can disrupt your sleep cycle. Try sheer curtains that disperse light layered with blinds, blackout curtains, or heavy drapes to block out light at night.

Bringing nature indoors can be the perfect way to create a bedroom oasis. Use your lifestyle and design preferences to find the natural pieces that are right for you.

If you need some help selecting those natural elements, or anything else in your home or business, let me know.”